The Hidden City Orchestra

94/63/1-29/1 Glass negative, quarter plate, dance band drummer at Mark Foy’s Empress Ballroom, Tom Lennon, Sydney, Australia, 23 October 1935


HCO brings “A New Set of Elements” to Times Vintage, 429 Main Street, Greenport, on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The Hidden City Orchestra will be performing on Saturday August 7th 2021 at 6:30 pm on the New Suffolk Ballfield, between 3rd and 4th Street in New Suffolk.

Bring your friends and family, and of course your blankets, chairs and picnic baskets!

The Hidden City Orchestra will be performing free concerts in Perugia, Italy in the Fall of 2021

The concerts will be held with the Namaste and Vibraharp Ensembles.

To book the Hidden City Orchestra, contact George Cork Maul at

What is The Hidden City Orchestra?

The Hidden City Orchestra is an ever-shifting ensemble of musicians, poets, painters and performance artists who perform real-time compositions, live music to silent film, music to spoken word and many other unusual and interesting projects.

Anything is possible as The Hidden City Orchestra dwells in the realm of possibility.


little easter front cover

Our album, Little Easter, is available for sale in both CD and USB flash drive format — Find us at a concert and we will upload more secret tracks and messages to your flash drive!

Little Easter — CD $10  (+$2/US Shipping)

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Little Easter stick


Little Easter — Watertight Steel 4Gb Flash Drive — $10  (+$2/US Shipping)

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Bonus Tracks from Little Easter Two are currently available streaming on Soundcloud below!


George Cork Maul

George Cork Maul is an East End composer, pianist and performance art specialist. He studied music composition with Isaac Nemiroff at Stony Brook where he earned a B.A. and went…Read more George Cork Maul

Jeannie Woelker

Jeannie Woelker attended Boston Conservatory of Music studying under Jonathan Miller of The Boston Symphony;   **Maureen Hynes of the Pierrot Consort at C W Post, where she also performed on…Read more Jeannie Woelker

Dr. Terry Keevil

Terry Keevil

Terry Keevil, DMA, is a professional oboist who performs with the North Shore Pro Musica, Bach & Forth, The Phoenix Trio, the South Fork Chamber Orchestra, and Hidden City. He…Read more Terry Keevil

Fabrizio D'Antonio

Fabrizio D’Antonio

Vibraphonist, percussionist and timpanist Fabrizio D’Antonio is a co-founder of the percussion ensemble Tetraktis, which has recorded four CDs and played at festivals throughout Europe, the United States and in…Read more Fabrizio D’Antonio

Adrian Ippolito

Adrian Ippolito

Adrian Ippolito is one of the most versatile percussionists you will ever meet. He cares. He carries his strange kit in a big cardboard box that serves double duty as…Read more Adrian Ippolito

Billy Hands

Billy Hands

Billy Hands of Orient is an accomplished poet, author of the chapbook “Marry a Girl With Money” and the owner of the Orient Service Center. You can find him there…Read more Billy Hands

Alan Bull

Alan Bull

Alan Bull is an artist, teacher and illustrator currently based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, but he can often be found on Long Island collaborating with the Hidden City Orchestra. Originally from…Read more Alan Bull

Randy Lee Hendler

Randy Lee Hendler

As a Mime Theatre Artist, Randy Lee Hendler devises, directs, and performs new stage works with movement, mask, text and images. Current themes include housing, history, hands, and the Holocaust. And…Read more Randy Lee Hendler